block interior city

berkeley ced 204a + 204b (thesis)

prof. Neyran Turan (thesis advisor)

prof. James Tate (2nd advisor)

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This thesis was presented on May 6, 2017.

It is about block interiors and aggregation.

A detailed book is in progress, and will be completed summer 2017.

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thesis advisors

Neyran Turan
James Michael Tate

block interior photographs:

Reneé Chowfor Beijing Hutong drawings & photographs
Paz Elduayenfor Buenos Aires photographs
Yoel Karasofor Barcelona photographs (never used)

final push help:

Jordan Cayanan Carlos Esquivel Mauricio Zamora


Pablo Hernandez Jae Kyung Han Nicholas Harvey-Cheetham
Marc Rios Lerena Zhao

turan section:

David Jaehning Alvin Hwang Besty Clifton
Albert Orozco Britta Wangstad John Breske
Duncan Kwan Marc Rios Shuo Wang
Kristen Too Meghna Battini
Ziang Ao Ximeng Li

at home:

James Skarzenski Jeremy Walter Ferguson Colin Griffin

at distance:

Dolores Lima Richard Vittorio Bocchicchio Daniel Jonas Roche
Mariano Vales William Graham Rice IV Matthew Dougherty
Christian Zeitler

stairwell commiseration:

Jae Kyung Han Marc Rios
Duncan Kwan Edwin O'Brien

the long road here:

Reneé Chow Eric Jenkins Carlos Reimers
Dana Buntrock Yoel Karaso Warren Andrew Cassatt
David Dewane Julio Bermudez